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#Medweartech Pioneer at the intersection of medicine, materials and digital, Thuasne creates and distributes medical devices for almost 170 years; global and innovative solutions allowing everyone to become an actor of his own health. Operating in more than 86 countries through subsidiaries or distributors, our company (turnover of € 223 million, 2200 employees) has made innovation and patient comfort a priority.

Townsend Design (Thuasne USA) is a manufacturer and distributer of orthotic devices. Founded in 1984 in Bakersfield CA by a local certified orthotist and purchased by Thuasne in 2011. Our specialty is knee braces designed for ligament injuries and instabilities, pain (osteoarthritis), and other long-term mobility challenges. We also fabricate custom carbon graphite ankle and elbow braces, KAFOs (knee ankle foot orthosis), and AFOs (ankle foot orthosis). Townsend also fabricates and distributes a variety of short-term post-injury, post-surgical rehabilitative devices including range of motion braces for the knee and elbow, walking boots, and shoulder braces. Townsend Design (Thuasne USA) has 180 employees who work together fabricating and selling mobility-enhancing braces that allow medical professionals to achieve the best possible patient outcomes.  



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The Finance Manager will take a hands on job approach and be responsible for planning, implementation, managing and running of all the finance activities of the company, including budgeting and forecasting.  Obtaining and maintaining investor relations and partnership compliance. Emphasis in cost accounting for manufacturing.


        ·          Provide leadership, direction and management to the finance team.

        ·          Analyzing and improving cost accounting functions.

        ·          Manage the process for forecasting and budgets. Oversee the                             preparation of the monthly financial reporting.

        ·          Manage cash flow planning process and ensure funds availability.

        ·          Oversee the preparation and timely filing of all local, state and                            federal tax returns.

        ·          Prepare and maintain board minutes.

        ·          Assure legal and regulatory documents are filed and monitor                               compliance with laws and regulations.

        ·          Preparing reports to the Group (parent company).

        ·          Perform other essential duties and responsibilities that may be                            assigned by the Executive Management.



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Localisation du poste

Amériques / Caraibe, Etats Unis, Californie



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6 ans ou plus


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